Important Notice

Thank you very much for your continued patronage of "Akan Yuku No Sato Tsuruga".
Starting from April 2024, the adjacent sister hotel, "Lake Akan Tsuruga WINGS," will be merged with our hotel, "Akan Yuku no Sato Tsuruga," to operate as one facility.

<Integration Date> Monday, April 1, 2024 check-in time~
<Integration Process> Integrate Lake Akan Tsuruga WINGS to Akan Yuku No Sato Tsuruga
<Changes Details> The name of the hotel building will be changed in conjunction with the integration.
・Lake Akan Tsuruga WINGS→ WINGS

All check-ins are done at the main building.(BEKKAN MIYABI will have its dedicated reception counter in the main building)
Buffet meals will be available at two restaurants, and you will receive information about the specific restaurant during the check-in process on the day of your arrival. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

For details and inquiries, please call at Tel: +81-154-67-4000 (9:00-18:00)

We look forward to your continued patronage of Akan Yuku No Sato Tsuruga.
Thank you.

To Akanko Tsuruga WINGS's guests who have made reservations via Official Website before December 25, 2023 and will stays in April 2024 or later, We will contact you regarding the integration in due course.

Reservations can be confirmed or cancelled through the "Akanko Tsuruga WINGS" system or by phone.

Click here to confirm your reservation

Click here to cancel your reservation

Tel: +81-154-67-4000 (9:00-18:00)
*Reservations received until December 25, 2023, are eligible. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Baths with differing ambiances
for a moment of bliss.

High-quality hot springs with abundant, high-temperature waters.
The abundant waters at this hot spring warm the skin and the heart.
Our tasteful hot springs
invite you to true healing.
*Children of any gender may enter
the public baths and dressing rooms
until the age of 6.


Image: sauna
Image: sauna

8F Rooftop Bath With a View
Presenting the Dome Sauna With a View, the world’s first insulated glass sauna.

Look up at the glittering stars and "attune" as you experience the magnificent nature of Akan with all the senses.
Experience a new style of sauna.


Image: Ama no Hara Bath With a View / Tennyo no Yu Open-Air Sky Bath

Honkan 8th Floor Public Bath
Bath With a View Ama no Hara /Open-Air Sky Bath Tennyo no Yu

Experience joy in the panoramic embrace of East Hokkaido
with Lake Akan and the Akan Mountains. Soak to your heart’s content in this magnificent open-air hot spring.

Information on Tennyo no Yu
and Ama no Hara

Image: Hogaden Tsuruga Oakan Hot Spring

Honkan 1st Floor Public Bath
Tsuruga Oakan Hot Spring Hogaden

We offer an open-air garden bath that lets you feel at one with Lake Akan, as well as one of the best public baths in Tsuruga, where you can enjoy seven different types of baths.

Information on Hogaden

Image: Lake Akan Tsuruga Wings

Lake Akan Tsuruga Wings(April 2024 - "Wings")
Pinneshiri Men’s Bath・Matneshiri
Women’s Bath・Stone Sauna SUMA

The bathhouse is equipped with a wide range of rock bath facilities, including hot and cold, aromatic and medicinal herbs, and a large bathhouse with superb spring water that is gentle on the skin and the body.
Please spend a blissful time to heal your mind and body.

Details of Wings Building Large Public Bath and Bedrock Bath

Image: day trip

Day Trip

One-day bathing is available Monday through Friday from 14:00 to 18:00 (not available on weekends and holidays).

For details, please contact the hotel front desk.


【Honakn】Bathing times

(Odd days)Men’s bathing times

(Odd days)Men’s bathing times

(Odd days)Women’s bathing times

(Odd days)Women’s bathing times

(Even days) Men’s bathing times

(Even days) Men’s bathing times

(Even days) Women’s bathing times

(Even days) Women’s bathing times

【WINGS】Bathing times


wings Bathing times

*Children of any gender may enter the public baths and dressing rooms until the age of 6.

PRIVATE BATHon the Honkan 8th Floor -Hanatachibana no Yu-

Image: PRIVATE BATH on the 8th Floor -Hanatachibana no Yu-
Image: PRIVATE BATH on the 8th Floor -Hanatachibana no Yu-
Image: PRIVATE BATH on the 8th Floor -Hanatachibana no Yu-

A slow-paced, relaxing time of rest

We have started offering a private bath rental service where you and your loved ones can bathe together based on comments from guests wanting to take their time and bathe in privacy. This bath is completely accessible, with a wheelchair lift and more to put guests with disabilities at ease.

Information on Free Priority Use of
Hanatachibana no Yu Family Bath (Private Bath)

[Guests with physical disabilities]
[Guests concerned about scars from breast cancer or other surgeries]
Guests with physical disabilities or who, for other circumstances, are unable to bathe in the public bath may use Hanatachibana no Yu Family Bath (private bath) free of charge.

Please inquire about reservations and details by phone.
Tel.+81-154-67-4000 / 9:00 am -6:00 pm

Onsen Supply
Public Bath Direct from source (partial), circulation filtration (partial), heated (partial), chlorine-based chemical injection open-air bath circulation filtration, heated, chlorine-based chemical injection
Private Bath Direct from source
Guest rooms with private open-air baths Open-air bath with an add water feature

*The private open-air baths in guestrooms do not use chlorine chemicals as the water is changed daily.

RELAXATION SALONon the Honkan 9th Floor


A moment of luxury to soothe your fatigue

Not only do we have our ever-popular head and body care courses and a foot care course that stimulates the muscles and pressure points of the feet, we also have a special masseuse course to relax the entire body. Relax the body and mind with expert techniques that release muscle tension stress-free through moderate pressure.

Hours 3:30 pm to 11:00 pm (last entry)
Location Relaxation Room on the Honkan 9th Floor
(Go up the stairs next to the public baths on the Honkan 8th floor)

Please inquire about reservations and details by phone.
Tel.+81-154-67-4000 / 9:00 am -6:00 pm



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