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Important Notice

Thank you very much for your continued patronage of "Akan Yuku No Sato Tsuruga".
Starting from April 2024, the adjacent sister hotel, "Lake Akan Tsuruga WINGS," will be merged with our hotel, "Akan Yuku no Sato Tsuruga," to operate as one facility.

<Integration Date> Monday, April 1, 2024 check-in time~
<Integration Process> Integrate Lake Akan Tsuruga WINGS to Akan Yuku No Sato Tsuruga
<Changes Details> The name of the hotel building will be changed in conjunction with the integration.
・Lake Akan Tsuruga WINGS→ WINGS

All check-ins are done at the main building.(BEKKAN MIYABI will have its dedicated reception counter in the main building)
Buffet meals will be available at two restaurants, and you will receive information about the specific restaurant during the check-in process on the day of your arrival. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

For details and inquiries, please call at Tel: +81-154-67-4000 (9:00-18:00)

We look forward to your continued patronage of Akan Yuku No Sato Tsuruga.
Thank you.

To Akanko Tsuruga WINGS's guests who have made reservations via Official Website before December 25, 2023 and will stays in April 2024 or later, We will contact you regarding the integration in due course.

Reservations can be confirmed or cancelled through the "Akanko Tsuruga WINGS" system or by phone.

Click here to confirm your reservation

Click here to cancel your reservation

Tel: +81-154-67-4000 (9:00-18:00)
*Reservations received until December 25, 2023, are eligible. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Tranquil moments of relaxation.

Throughout the hotel, you will find peaceful furnishings
exuding the culture of Akan.
We welcome guests with hospitality
at our well-designed facilities.
Relax as you savor
the seasonal vibes of Lake Akan.

Front & lobby

  • Front&lobby /1F
  • Front&lobby /1F
  • Front&lobby /1F

A gorgeous, dignified lobby lined with sculptures.
If you experience any problems or have questions about area sightseeing,
feel free to ask a member of staff, who will provide information and assistance.

  • resting place

    resting place

    Hospitality found in a piping-hot steamed sweet potato.
    Feel free to have one as soon as you arrive, during a walk through the hotel, or in the privacy of your room.
    *Since quantities are limited, the event will end as soon as they are gone.

    Hours 3:30 pm ~6:30 pm
  • Owl Shrine

    Owl Shrine

    Enshrined in the corner is a giant wooden statue of a Blakinston’s fish owl.
    The Ainu call this kotan koro kamuy (“the village god”).

Exclusively for guests staying
in rooms at Bekkan
lounge Bekkan Lounge Nanakamado/1F

  • Bekkan Lounge Nanakamado /1F
  • Bekkan Lounge Nanakamado /1F
  • Bekkan Lounge Nanakamado /1F

This lounge offers a space and services for guests staying in rooms at Bekkan to relax.
We offer beverages, snacks, and a nightcap, as well as colored yukata for female guests and children.

Hours 7:00 am ~ 11:00 pm
Serving beverages 7:00 am ~ 11:00 pm
Serving alcoholes 2:00 pm ~ 7:00 pm
Seving late-night snacks 9:00 pm ~ 10:30 pm

Nanakamado Lounge, an exclusive lounge for guests staying at Bekkan Special hospitality

  • Beverages served

    Beverages served

  • Colorful yukata rentals

    Colorful yukata

  • Amenity Bar

    Amenity Bar

  • Snacks


Drink menu

  • ・Fully automatic espresso machine
    ・Soft drinks
    ・Hokkaido milk (100% Hamanaka-machi milk)

  • ・Wine (Baron Philippe de Rothschild)
    red  Cabernet Sauvignon
    white  Sauvignon Blanc

  • ・Hard liquor liqueur
    Whisky [Ancient Clan]
    Campari, Kahlua, Gin

  • ・shochu
    Kiyosato Potato Shochu

Guest lounge「APESO」/ Wings 1F

Guest lounge「APESO」

Guest lounge「APESO」

Guest lounge「APESO」

Gaze out over Lake Akan during the daytime or unwind with a drink in the evening as you watch the projection mapping at Iyomap Garden.From the fireplace comes the savory scent of roasted marshmallows.
We offer diverse ways to relax with a bar, a listening room, and a library.

BAR/ Wings 1F




Please enjoy a relaxing time while gazing at the fantastic garden lit up with lights.
We offer a variety of original cocktails, beer, and soft drinks.

Hours 20:00~23:00

Fitness studio / Wings 2F

Fitness studio

Fitness studio

Fitness studio


With “tone, train, and have fun” as our motto, this fitness studio is equipped with 11 types of machines, including the first mobility training equipment in Hokkaido and the Life Fitness ELEVATION Series, as well as treatment rooms.
Experience the joy of movement and a good workout.
Adjacent to the fitness studio is a cafe and bar overlooking the great outdoors.

Hours 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm (last entry at 9:00 pm)
Price Staying Guests: ¥500 (+ ¥1,000 when using the stone sauna)
  • FIVE Mobi Fit Stand

    FIVE Mobi Fit Stand

    For the first time in Hokkaido, this fitness studio has brought in the cutting-edge Five Mobility Training System, developed in Germany based on functional anatomy.Regain natural posture that lets you move flexibly from an upright position.


  • The latest fitness machines

    The latest fitness machines

    This fitness studio uses the high-end Discover Series equipment from the Life Fitness ELEVATION Series.TV,Have fun as you exercise with a wealth of entertainment features such as TV, apps, games, and the internet.

    ・2 Discover SE3 Series Treadmills
    ・2 Discover SE3 Series Cross Trainers
    ・1 Discover SE3 Series Recumbent Bike
    ・1 Discover SE3 Series Upright Bike

  • Cafe & Bar

    Cafe & Bar

    Adjacent to the studio is a cafe and bar overlooking the great outdoors with views that will take your breath away.Specialty coffee made with carefully selected beans is served alongside champagne, wine, and other drinks, letting you spend your fitness time in elegance and luxury.

GARDEN Akan Iyomap Garden


Akan Iyomap Garden

Akan Iyomap Garden

Akan Iyomap Garden

Akan Iyomap Garden is a new kind of garden that fuses prehistoric Jomon culture, Ainu culture, and nature.
In the center is the Dress Garden, where you can take photographs that make it look as though you are wearing a beautiful dress of flowers.
Enjoy this beautiful, enigmatic garden that connects us to Ainu culture.

Projection Mapping

Projection Mapping

At night, the entire garden is illuminated with fantastical light production.Come soothe your mind in the mystical ambiance at Akan Iyomap Garden.

Showtimes 1st Show: 7:30 pm, 2nd Show: 8:00 pm,
3rd Show: 8:30 pm, 4th Show: 9:00 pm,
5th Show: 9:30 pm (final show)

Workation room / Wigs 2F/3F

Workation room

Thorough support to make your work and vacation fulfilling.
We offer a variety of remote working spaces that lets you concentrate on your work, including completely private rooms, working booths that you can use easily for a short period of time, and rooms with teleconferencing systems for large groups.


  • Gallery Nitai /1F
  • Gallery Nitai /1F

Gallery Nitai/Honkan 1F

Nitai means “forest” in the language of the Ainu.
This gallery features a collection of wood sculptures by Masamitsu Takiguchi, a sculptor based in Lake Akan, all in one hall. Forest spirits engraved in these wooden sculptures standing in rows may even create a sense of the sublime.

Wings Bridge Tekkup /1F

Wings Bridge

A gallery corridor connecting Tsuruga Akan Yuku no Sato with Wings. Look up to find water dripping down like pearls from a ceiling decorated with Ainu patterns.

ロビーギャラリー イランカラプテ /ウイングス館1F

Lobby Gallery Irankarapte

A magnificent totem pole with wings greets guests as they enter.
This was created for Tsuruga Wings by the sculptor Takeki Fujito.
This museum-like lobby contains a number of other sculptures as well.


Hyakkaen Souvenir Shop/1F

Hyakkaen Souvenir Shop/Honkan 1F

This souvenir shop carries a wide range of products, including famous sweets, marine products, popular character merchandise, and more from Hokkaido, as well as original items from Tsuruga. The tea cakes in guest rooms are also popular as souvenirs.

Hours 7:30 am ~ 11:00 am,
2:00 pm ~ 9:30 pm

The North Face Shop Tsuruga /1F

The North Face Shop Tsuruga/Honkan 1F

The biggest shop for the popular outdoor brand The North Face in East Hokkaido.

Hours 7:30 am ~ 10:30 am,
3:00 pm ~ 9:00 pm

Outdoor Shop / Wings 1F

Outdoor Shop / Wings 1F

An official shop for the popular outdoor brand The North Face.
This shop specializes in products from the North Face and Helly Hansen, offering a wide selection of products including gloves, socks, fleece, down jackets, down pants, rainwear, caps, hats, toque, boots, sneakers, backpacks, and more.They carry products that will satisfy everyone from novices to experts.

Hours 7:30 am ~ 10:30 am,
3:00 pm ~ 9:00 pm

Arbre Woodshop /1F

ArbreWoodshop/Honkan 1F

This shop carries accessories featuring impressive designs using Ainu patterns,
such as decorative straps and chokers made from wood and leather.

Hours 7:30 am 〜 9:30 pm

banquetBanquet Halls and Conference Rooms

  • Large Hall Utasa Mina /2F

    Large Hall Utasa Mina/Honkan 2F

    With its lattice door reflected in the light and a name that means “laugh in turn” in the Ainu language, this large hall features a unique appearance that fuses modernism with the traditions of Lake Akan. This hall can also be used for seated banquets.

    Capacity up to 60 guests
    Remarks Can be partitioned for use by smaller parties
  • Porosake Hall /Wings 2F

    Porosake Hall/ Wings 2F

    Equipped with a front stage, this room can be used for a variety of purposes, including receptions, thank-you parties, and dinner parties.

  • Banquet Hall Daichi no Uta /1F

    Banquet Hall Daichi no Uta/Honkan 1F

    A large hall roughly 255.4 m² that can comfortably seat up to 80 guests. Ideal for bringing companies, organizations, and acquaintances together under one roof and hosting a lively banquet where you can drink and eat delicious food together.

    Capacity up to 80 guests (approximately 255.4 m²)
    Remarks Can be partitioned for use by smaller parties
  • Medium-Sized Halls Katsurano/Kinsai/Ayano /3F・4Fz・5F

    Medium-Sized Halls Katsurano/Kinsai/Ayano

    /Honkan 3F~5F

    A medium-sized hall where guests can hear each other even when seated apart. This hall is ideal for group training sessions, gatherings with like-minded friends, and banquets with loved ones.

    Capacity Katsurano: up to 36 guests
    (109.4 ㎡)
    Kinsai: up to 32 guests
    (100.3 ㎡)
    Ayano: up to 22 guests
    (73 ㎡)
  • Medium-Sized Hall With Open Kitchen Sakurano /5F

    Medium-Sized Hall With Open Kitchen Sakurano
    /Honkan 5F

    A banquet hall with a kitchen that lets you enjoy flavor and performance together. Upon request, food cooked by chefs before your eyes will be served fresh. Seated banquets can also be held here.

    Capacity up to 32 guests (100.3 ㎡)
  • Conference Hall Hibiki /8F

    Conference Hall Hibiki/Honkan 8F

    A tranquil conference room with brown and beige tones. This room can be used for corporate, organizational, and other meetings.

    Capacity up to 24 guests for U-shaped seating (80 ㎡)
    up to 30 guests for school desk seating (80 ㎡)
    Remarks Cannot be partitioned for use by smaller parties

Various other dining venues are available depending on the number of people.
We will guide you according to the number of people and your budget.

Contact Us


  • Club Fukuro no Shiro /B2F

    Club Fukuro no Shiro/Honkan B2F

    The night hall, which can accommodate up to 100 guests, is perfect for a post-banquet afterparty.

    Hours 8:00 pm 〜 0:00 am
  • Gen and Tsuki Private Rooms / B1F

    Gen and Tsuki
    Private Rooms/Honkan B1F

    These rental rooms are recommended for when you want to party with your friends.

    Hours 8:00 pm 〜 0:00 am
  • Udekurabe Game Corner / 2F

    Game Corner/Honkan 2F

    A game corner where children and adults can play together. A visit here is a great way to make memories.

    Hours 3:00 pm 〜 10:00 pm
  • Dog House /1F

    Dog House/Honkan 1F

    Dog House has seven cages for medium-sized dogs and three cages for small dogs. You can come visit your dog whenever you like during your stay.

    Fee 2,200yen per night (tax included)
    1. A reservation is required to use this service.
    2. We ask that you bring your own pet food.
    3. We cannot take in large dogs.

    There are rooms where you may stay
    with your dog at our sister inn.

    Tsuruga Lake Akan Lodge Turano

  • Laundromat /Wings 1F

    Laundromat /Wings 1F

    A coin-operated laundromat with dryers is available to make longer stays more pleasant.



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